• The Smith’s in Goodyear, AZ

    April 29, 2019

    “Energy Consulting Services came to our house and had a plan of action set in place. They took all our information with the usage of the 12 past electric bills and designed a system that was tailor made for our home. Stephen was able to offset 90% of our electric bill. We are so happy with Energy Consulting Services and will continue to spread the word! Thank you!” ... Read More

  • The Jones' in Buckeye, AZ

    April 29, 2019

    “We had met with a few companies and were blown away by the knowledge of Energy Consulting Services! Our Energy Consultant, Stephen was direct and very informative. He actually took time to set up an Energy Audit and came back with a full report on our home. We discussed the areas that needed attention and designed a package to eliminate the wasted energy. Then we were able to offset the remaining energy usage with solar! We saved thousands of dollars compared to other companies and could not be happier! Wow!” ... Read More

  • The Andersons in Goodyear, AZ

    April 29, 2019

    “We were hesitant about Solar and Energy Programs and shopped a few companies. Stephen at Energy Consulting Services did a full site assessment on my home. He was clear from the beginning and made us feel comfortable. I was paying over $400 with APS. After he had Horizon Energy complete a thorough Energy Audit, Stephen came back with a full report and discussed the inefficiencies in the home. We made a plan of action. We were hesitant and shopped a few companies. Energy Consulting Services did everything they said they can do and more! Now my APS bill is under $25 year- round!" ... Read More

  • The Marcopoulos’ in Buckeye, AZ

    April 29, 2019

    "Energy Consulting Services saved us the headache of shopping and calling around. Stephen has done all the research for us! Stephen was professional and really understood our immediate needs. His experience and knowledge of how to maximize our return of investment sold us! Not only did he eliminate our energy waste and save us a substantial amount of money, he kept us informed throughout the process. Do not be fooled by other companies. We have and will continue to refer our friends to Stephen!" ... Read More

  • The Lindsay’s in Surprise, AZ

    April 29, 2019

    “Energy Consulting Services was the best option after meeting with other companies and we are thrilled we chose them! Stephen with Energy Consulting Services was prompt to our inquiry and immediately scheduled a free consultation with us. He designed and laid out a plan to offset our energy usage. He gathered the necessary information from our APS account and presented us with a solution to offset our energy usage with no money out of pocket and 100% financing! We are very happy with the outcome and have offset 90% of our electric bill. We are actually saving over $800 our first year and look forward to saving more money annually as the electric rates increase! Energy Consulting Services was the best option after meeting with other companies and we are thrilled we chose them!” ... Read More

  • The Jacksons' in Goodyear, AZ

    April 29, 2019

    "I couldn't be happier... the results have been EXCELLENT and I expect them to be even better as it gets hotter and I have data to support it.I sealed the attic, I replaced my pool motor, sealed my ductwork, and they sealed all the areas that the builder left vacant of insulation (which is common) and I brought all my insulation up to today's code. My home is now considered "energy efficient" and it is 17 years old. I had 3 bedrooms that were hot and cold and now they are beautifully perfect!. I used to run my air at 76 all the time and now I run it at 78. I love my house to be cold. I freeze now more than before.Now the good news. I had this work done March 5. March of 2013 my usage 1,031 kWh, in March 2014 was 790. April 2013 was 1,308 and April 2014 was 949! So far in May, I have not had a day over 35 kWh which means I may end up somewhere around 1,200 kWh for May. Last year in May we used 1,980 kWh. That is a reduction of over 35% if it comes true. I expect to have at least a 30% reduction in kWh this summer.Folks, this program works. It will reduce your energy usage and your monthly bills, especially in the summer months. My pool runs more hours and costs me less. My house is colder and costs me less. My house is worth more than my neighbors and my home can be sold as an energy efficient home. The investment is worth it. I have a 2300 square foot home. I have gas hot water heater, gas heat, gas stove and a pool. My current equal pay with SRP is $182. I expect it to drop to below $140 next year.,,,maybe lower. Not bad for Phoenix." ... Read More

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