NRG Efficiency Audit Program

We have turnkey solutions to all of these problems. It all starts with an $99 NRG Home Efficiency Audit by our BPI certified home inspector. We will evaluate your home and identify your wasted energy areas. Once we eliminate that portion of your wasted electric usage, we can provide you with the highest quality Solar PV option to offset the remaining usage and write you a succinct proposal for the solutions.

This is the NRG Package before Solar PV is added to the home. The remaining will be offset by Solar PV.

" This example is the reason why I created this company. With several years of experience, we have proven our promise to our clients. Our team researches and offers more efficient ways to offset your high electricity bills besides Solar panels alone. Allow us to perform a home makeover with the best tactical process. Our objective is to eliminate wasted energy first, then offset the remaining energy with a high quality Solar panel system!"

Stephen Chaidez, Founder Of Energy Consulting Services 


Reference the timeline below during your energy efficiency project. This process involves many different people including HOA, city, auditors, and utility companies. It is not possible to give a timeline with 100% accuracy because work with outside organizations is necessary. It is our promise to move your project along and keep you informed of any changes to your customized timeline.

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